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singing bowl techniques

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For those who thought speaking about vitality and vibrations was just for hippies and mistics, suppose once more.

Now, it’s science that’s digging deeper into the hows and the whys and the what the f*#&s.

Because it seems that a number of what scientists have been studying about how vitality and vibrations work collectively is completely mind-blowing.

What has this received to do with Tibetan singing bowls I hear you ask?

That’s what singing bowls are all about…

They work on the regulation that vitality ranges may be modified by way of vibrations.

Principally, they make it easier to sync your thoughts and physique and discover a state of deep rest by way of sounds and vibrations.

They’re one thing which can be near my coronary heart as a result of they’ve been so helpful in serving to me with my meditation follow.

So, I made a decision to share some very cool Tibetan singing bowl techniques. 

You should utilize these to reinforce your meditation follow. 

However earlier than I do, let’s rapidly take a look at vitality, vibrations, and chakras.

…And, how singing bowls work their magic, and what their magic truly is.

I’ve additionally made a video in regards to the Singing bowl strategies I like to make use of…


Singing bowl strategies:

  • Vitality and Vibrations
  • Chakras
  • How Singing Bowls Work and Their Advantages
  • Tapping
  • Across the Rim
  • Wah-Wah Approach
  • The water Approach


Vitality and Vibrations

Consider it or not, however the whole lot is vibrating… Sure the whole lot!

… no sh#t!

However don’t take my phrase for it.

Take a look at this article in Scientific American journal a few new principle of consciousness, sprinkled with discuss vibrations, frequencies and synchrony.

Or this text on Braine Wave Entertainment…

[…] any process that causes one’s brainwave frequencies to synchronize with a periodic stimulus (sound, vibration or mild) having a frequency comparable to the supposed brain-state (for instance, to induce a trance, desires, sleep or rest.)

It’s also known as the Flicker-response due to how observing a campfire or the flickering of a burning candle can lull you right into a state of calmness and serenity.

Most knowledge traditions have employed strategies that enable the themes’ mind waves to decelerate resembling meditation, [Hindu] kirtan, [Gregorian, Menzuma or Sufi] chanting, Hebrew davening, Native American drum circles and rain chants, Tibetan prayer bowls, and whirling dervishes and African trance dancing.

The rhythm of those knowledge custom applied sciences truly slows folks’s mind waves from their regular busy mind frequency we name Beta (13-30 cycles per second or Hz), to Alpha (8-13Hz) – meditation, Theta (4-8Hz) – deep rest and dreaming, and Delta (.5-4Hz) – gradual wave or dreamless sleep.

For those who desire less complicated phrases, let me attempt to clarify the connection between vitality and vibrations in my very own phrases.

Principally, we’re all product of it, however we additionally give out and absorb vitality and vibration.

Simply take into consideration while you’re unhappy or indignant.

There’s a whirlwind of feelings and sensations happening in each your physique and your thoughts.

Then take into consideration how your family members are instantly affected by your state.

They decide up on it and so they get unhappy or indignant too.

Or, while you meet a good friend that’s simply had a serious breakthrough of their life.

You immediately decide up their pleasure and really feel extra energized.

Yep, it’s all actual.

It’s not simply in your head.

Principally, every of us has our personal frequency and vitality and generally these frequencies occur to exit of whack.

That may occur for any variety of causes.

Stress, anxiousness, worries, damage, or trauma.

Consider your self like a guitar and your vitality just like the strings.

They want re-tuning and fine-tuning generally to sound good.

Nicely, so do you.

Singing bowls make it easier to calm down and re-sync your thoughts and physique and discover your pure state of peace.

They convey you again in tune together with your vitality by way of rebalancing vibrations and sounds.



We have to tackle the idea of chakras for a little bit bit if we’ve talked about vitality and vibrations until now.

Chakras are vitality facilities in our our bodies.

There are seven of them:7 chakras- singing bowl techniques

1. Muladhara (Root chakra)

2. Svadhisthana (Sacral chakra)

3. Nabhi-Manipura (Navel chakra)

4. Anahata (Coronary heart chakra)

5. Vishuddhi (Throat chakra)

6. Ajna (Third-eye chakra)

7. Sahasrara (Crown chakra)


They’re situated alongside a vertical line, from the bottom of the backbone to the highest of our head.

Chakras are believed in lots of cultures to have an effect on our bodily, emotional and non secular wellbeing.

Particularly, that when your chakras are balanced, you might be extra balanced in life.

In each side.

Utilizing singing bowls usually is supposedly an effective way to re-harmonize your vitality ranges and steadiness your chakras.

Whether or not you consider in chakras or not, strategies like the usage of singing bowls and meditation are confirmed to assist clear unfavourable vitality and anxiousness and convey your physique’s frequencies again to regular.


How Singing Bowls Work and Their Advantages

With out going into an excessive amount of element, let me provide the summarized model of how Tibetan singing bowls truly handle to steadiness our vitality frequencies with the usage of vibrations.

It’s not rocket science.

What singing bowls do is that they induce rest by emitting sounds and vibrations.

By creating sure frequencies that positively have an effect on our mind waves.

It’s a preferred method utilized in sound and vibrational remedy.

The results of enjoying a singing bowl are calming your breath and calming your thoughts.

This lowers your blood strain and your coronary heart price and helps you attain a deep state of rest.

For those who’re about what makes Tibetan singing bowls so efficient, you’ll be able to dive deeper into that here.

We’ve received you lined.

So far as the advantages are involved, there are many them…


If you wish to be taught extra about Tibetan singing bowls and the way they’ll improve your meditation….


Check Out This

enhance my meditation- a guide to using tibetan singing bowls for an enhanced meditation
A Guide to Using Tibetan Singing Bowls for An Enhanced Meditation


Now, with out additional ado, let’s get into the 4 Cool Singing Bowl Methods.



I’m certain you discover this one fairly self-explanatory.

It’s a method usually used to mark the start and finish of a yoga or meditation session.

As you guessed, this method is easy and solely entails a mild faucet of the singing bowl’s edge.

It’ll trigger it to vibrate and emit a buzzing sound.

There are two methods you’ll be able to go about it.

More often than not with the smaller singing bowls you’ll have a striker with suede materials on one finish.

Each ends can be utilized and provides a barely completely different sound.

The feminine (wooden) finish of the striker…

Since this finish shouldn’t be lined and also you’ll be tapping wooden on metallic, it’s a good suggestion to be light so that you don’t crack the bowl. 

Utilizing the feminine finish means the sound you’ll get from the bowl may have a barely larger pitch.

The male (suede) finish of the striker…

On this case, you could be a little bit firmer as a result of it’s received padding on it.

Utilizing the male finish means the sound you’ll get from the bowl may have a barely decrease pitch.

You’ll be able to faucet the bowl at the beginning and finish of your meditation follow or simply sit there and gently tapping again and again.

There are not any guidelines… simply have some enjoyable with it!


Across the Rim

My first tip to get the bowl singing is to carry it within the palm of your hand at a slight angle in direction of your different hand.

That’s simpler in your wrist and extra snug for while you’re transferring the striker across the rim.

For those who’re a newbie, you’ll discover it simpler to get the bowl singing for those who begin with a little bit light faucet.

It’s at all times greatest to make use of a gradual, light however regular tempo while you transfer the striker alongside the rim.

For those who go too quick, the bowl will begin to vibrate an excessive amount of (chatter).

For those who watch the video on singing bowl strategies, you’ll see me doing simply that and likewise the way to management it.

Utilizing the male or feminine finish is optionally available additionally for this method.

I desire the male finish, not being sexist…

However, I simply discover it’s a bit smoother and it has a decrease pitch sound that I like.

However each are very efficient and so they’re undoubtedly going that will help you loads together with your meditation follow.


Wah-Wah Approach

The primary two strategies – the tapping method and enjoying the bowl across the rim – are by far the commonest.

Now the following two that I’m going to speak about are a little bit bit much less widespread however are nonetheless enjoyable to be taught.

You should utilize them if you wish to combine issues up or if you wish to strive one thing new.

The wah-wah method is principally altering the vibrations that the bowl produces together with your mouth.

What that you must do is to get the bowl singing with the around-the-rim method above.

Then, you increase the singing bowl up holding it near the opening of your mouth.

Open and shut your mouth as for those who have been saying ‘wah-wah’ however solely let the vibrations make the sound.

What this does is it causes the vibrations of the singing bowl to bounce round inside your mouth and make a cool sound.

It’s form of like being a singing bowl DJ.


singing bowl dj- singing bowl techniques


…Nicely, not likely however anyway.


The Water Approach

The subsequent method that we’re going to take a look at is the water method.

This singing bowl method is principally simply placing water into the bowl and enjoying it across the rim.

Merely pour some water in your bowl (a few cup relying on the scale of your bowl).

Then, begin transferring the mallet across the rim to get the bowl singing.

It’s also possible to begin off with a mild faucet.

Check out the video to see how I do it.

This method will make it a little bit harder so that you can get the bowl to start out enjoying.

That’s as a result of the water within the bowl creates a little bit extra resistance. 

I discover it’s a great singing bowl method if you wish to spice issues up a little bit and take a look at getting completely different vibrations. 

As soon as the bowl begins to vibrate you’ll be able to truly see the water dancing round within the bowl.

It’s fairly cool!


Closing ideas

I’m not the form of particular person to have an interest within the ‘woo-woo’ facet of meditation.

However, in terms of Tibetan singing bowls and the way they work I could make a slight exception.

Tibetan singing bowls, singing bowls, meditation bowls, no matter you need to name them…

They’re superior.

The sounds produced by these bowls make it easier to attain a relaxed and meditative state a lot simpler.

Additionally they make it easier to enhance your focus and keep constant together with your meditation follow.


Lamajo Tibetan singing bowl

Take a look at our stunning Tibetan singing bowl assortment right here.


That is the explanation I need to do my half to share them with the world.

By way of tough instances they’ve helped me a lot, and I do know they might help you to.

Till subsequent time,


Co-founder of Lamajo.

Price a learn? Share the love…

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