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Tantra Yoga is a comparatively trendy revamping of the traditional Vedic and yogic non secular practices. The Tantrics developed progressive but unorthodox strategies for permitting one to expertise the fact of the true Self–the oneness of the complete cosmos. As an alternative of increasing and focusing one’s consciousness outwards, Tantra noticed the worth of the physique as a device to discover and enjoyment of. Beforehand, yoga strategies have been centered on the renunciation of the bodily physique and a aware effort to detach from the struggling encountered within the physique. Tantra as an alternative found the worth within the consciousness and delight within the physique’s inside world of power. Understanding the strategies and objectives of tantra yoga is vital as hatha yoga originated from this technique of yoga, and tantra gives a context for the person practices and strategies of recent yoga.

What’s Tantra Yoga?

The contextual which means of the phrase Tantra has modified over time when utilized in totally different yogic texts. Initially Tantra was used to imply “weave or loom,” and later was used to outline “method, machine, or technique.” A extra present and relevent definition comes from the Kāmikā-tantra text:

As a result of it elaborates (tan) copious and profound issues, particularly referring to the rules of actuality (tattva) and sacred mantras, and since it gives liberation (tra), it’s known as a tantra.

Thus, Tantra is a kind of yoga that weaves collectively many various strategies, akin to mantra meditation, visualization, mudras, pranayama and initiation to check the inner-universe by means of our human physique. These Tantric strategies and rituals primarily concentrate on the cultivation and build-up of kundalini power. As soon as the kundalini power has been activated it’s inspired to stream up the nadis and chakras to ultimately the crown chakra to “spill from the highest” and create samadhi or enlightenment.

Tantra Yoga Methods

The energetic focus of Tantra yoga originates from the worship of Shiva and Shakti–the dynamic and static rules of the universe. The power of Shakti (dynamic, inventive, female) and Shiva (static, damaging, masculine) are seen as a continuing play that manifests in a mess of types.

In Tantra Yoga, the refined our bodies of power and spirit are developed to create a bridge from the bodily to the Devine. The event of power is concentrated on the purification and cultivation of prana and the activation of kundalini. The bodily physique is used to activate power by means of the practices of asana, pranayama, mudra, and shatkarma. Thus, the Tantra yogis developed the yoga postures (asana) and respiratory workout routines (pranayama) which are mostly used as we speak in Hatha Yoga. Mudras embrace hand gestures and an intense fusion of asana, pranayama, and bandha. Shatkarma (also known as kriya) are esoteric workout routines and strategies to purify the physique and cleanse the power pathways.

The devotional practices of mantra, yantra, and puja are used to develop the non secular physique. Mantras are sacred Sanskrit sounds which are manifestations of the divine energy. Yantras are sacred geometric types used for focus and visualization in Tantric rituals. Puja is the lively devotional worship of a selected deity by means of choices of meals, incense, gentle, water, and gems.

Tantra Yoga and Intercourse

Tantra yoga was launched to the west within the nineteenth century as unique sexual-spiritual practices to deepen connection and intimacy. The curiosity in Jap spirituality and the sexual and revolutions of the late Nineteen Sixties and early Nineteen Seventies additional popularized and cemented Tantra as a yoga method for excellent intercourse. Tantra as a sacred sexuality apply does relate to classical tantric teachings on the refined power physique and an embodied presence to sexual union. However to simplify and conflate sexual strategies and interpersonal intimacy with the apply of tantra yoga is a distortion of this elaborate and sophisticated system of enlightenment.

The Aim of Tantra

The Tantra Yogis emphasis on private experimentation and expertise led to radical strategies to cleanse the physique and thoughts to interrupt the knots that bind us to our bodily existence. The well-known “Left Hand” colleges of Tantra used illegal practices of consuming intercourse, alcohol, and meat as highly effective instruments for transformation. Tantra Yoga encompasses an enormous vary of strategies, but its underlying focus is on utilizing the physique as a temple to worship the all-encompassing oneness of life as sacred.

Tantra permits the practitioner to straight expertise the Divine and to style the oneness of the cosmos. Tantra gives a smorgasbord of yogic strategies to deliver one into the state of ecstasy representing an unlimited synthesis of non secular information.

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