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Kadi Patta or Meetha Neem in Hindi, Kariveppilai in Tamil, Karivepaaku in Tamil or Karivempu in Malayalam, curry leaves have numerous well being and therapeutic advantages. In India, this herb has been a part of conventional Ayurvedic recipes and traditions.

Curry leaves are utilized in most elements of India. They’re identified to raise the flavour of easy curries and greens, by mere addition as tadka. Whereas the aroma is attractive, the style is mildly bitter, flavourful, and edgy. As a part of numerous Indian cuisines, curry leaves are an integral a part of Indian meals and tradition.

Are Curry Powder and Curry Leaves Similar?

Curry powder just isn’t the identical as curry leaves. Whereas the leaves have a definite taste that’s unmatched by every other plant or spice. The powder is a spice combine, whereas the curry leaf is a herb. Curry powder is a broad time period that represents Indian cooking ideas and the result’s a spice combine. Curry powder includes a wide range of spices, like cumin, coriander, cinnamon, cardamom, black pepper, and so on.

Methods to Incorporate Curry Leaves in Indian Delicacies

This herb is utilized in numerous kinds in Indian delicacies. These leaves give taste, aroma, and distinctive style to the meals.

1. Tadka or Tempering

Sauté the leaves in ghee, vegetable oil, or coconut oil to carry out their distinctive flavour. Tempering/tadkaa is the time period for this cooking process. Curry leaves infuse the oil with its perfume when utilized in tadkaa and improve the style of Indian staples like dal, sabzi, sambhar, curd rice, chutney, and so on. Each contemporary and dried leaves can be utilized for tempering functions. For tadkaa, toss them with further spices like mustard seeds, cumin seeds, asafoetida, and inexperienced chilies in scorching oil or ghee and your easy meal will get a facelift.

2. Use it to Garnish

You possibly can immediately add curry leaves to your dish to garnish it. You possibly can even use dried leaves for garnishing. The dried model has a faint aroma. It takes longer to infuse taste into the dish.

Curry leaves are utilized in making curries, soups, rice dishes, and lentils, each as tadkaa and garnish. When making chutney, embody these fragrant leaves. They go very effectively with coconut, coriander, and mint.

Dietary Info of Curry Leaves

Nutritional Facts of Curry Leaves
  • The leaves comprise round 108 energy per 100 grams. Carbohydrates, power, fibre, antioxidants, minerals and nutritional vitamins are the important thing vitamins current in these leaves
  • They’re excessive in minerals together with calcium, phosphorus, zinc, iron, potassium, and magnesium, that are helpful to your well being
  • The presence of important oils provides curry leaves their distinct flavour
  • They comprise Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B9, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E 
  • Vitamin C, Chlorophyll, Zinc, Vitamin E, and Carotene work as antioxidants
  • They’re additionally low in fats (0.1 g per 100 g)

Significance in Phrases of Vitamin

Fibre – Fibre is helpful to intestine well being and vital for normal bowel actions.

Protein – They’re wealthy in protein that’s the constructing block of our physique.

Calcium – They’re excessive in calcium, which is critical for sturdy bones and enamel.

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Phosphorus – Phosphorus is present in abundance in these leaves. It helps to cleanse our kidneys and relieve muscle cramps.

Important oils – They’ve many important oils. It has anti-diabetic, anti-inflammation, and anti-bacterial properties. It additionally aids within the upkeep of wholesome hair, pores and skin, and gums.


The place Can You Get Curry Leaves from?

Curry leaves are simply obtainable with each native vegetable vendor. In sure elements of India, the place the vegetation develop abundantly, the distributors don’t even cost you if you’d like a handful. You possibly can even plant your curry leaf plant at house for contemporary leaves each time.

Retailer Curry Leaves?

Curry leaves are fragrant when they’re contemporary. They lose loads of their taste when they’re dried. One of the simplest ways to protect them is to freeze them.

  • Pluck the leaves
  • Throw away the rotten leaves
  • Rinse completely
  • Dry the leaves
  • Protect it in a zip-lock bag/hermetic container

Select leaves which can be darkish inexperienced and never brown. Contemporary leaves could be stored within the fridge for as much as two weeks. The colour of frozen leaves could change to a darker inexperienced, nevertheless it won’t have an effect on the style.

Well being Advantages of Curry Leaves

Health Benefits of Curry Leaves

1. Helps scale back ldl cholesterol  

Elevated levels of cholesterol increase the chance of coronary heart illnesses. Curry leaves are additionally good for reducing ldl cholesterol.

2. Antioxidants 

They’re excessive in antioxidants. They maintain us wholesome by flushing out all of the dangerous toxins from our our bodies.

3. Oral well being

Curry leaves forestall micro organism from rising inside our mouths. They assist to take care of oral hygiene by retaining our gums and enamel sturdy. Chew 2-3 leaves every day to enhance oral well being.

4. Good for our eyes 

This fragrant herb is excessive in vitamin A, which is crucial for good eyesight. It additionally prevents the formation of cataracts within the eye.

5. Heals Wounds 

Wounds, rashes, boils, and light-weight burns could be cured by making use of curry leaf paste. Additionally they help within the prevention of dangerous infections.

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6. Prevents Anaemia 

They’re loaded with iron and folic acid, which helps keep the physique’s pink blood cell depend.

7. Helps you shed extra pounds 

Curry leaves act as detoxifying brokers and cleanses our physique. Detoxing is among the only methods to eliminate amassed physique fats.

8. Anti-diabetic 

This herb is sort of good at reducing blood glucose ranges. Copper, iron, and zinc are minerals that assist to maintain glucose ranges in test.

9. Anti-bacterial 

These aromatic leaves are anti-bacterial and assist to battle numerous infections within the physique.

10. Good for the liver 

Its antioxidant properties are extraordinarily environment friendly. When paired with vitamin A and C, it performs extra effectively.

11. Reduces morning illness

Curry leaves might help pregnant ladies to get reduction in the course of the first trimester by decreasing nausea and morning illness.

12. Reduces stress

The calming aroma of this herb and the important oils assist to appease your drained nerves, thereby decreasing total stress.

Magnificence Advantages of Curry Leaves

For Pores and skin and Hair Care:

  • Grind curry leaves, turmeric, and curd to type a paste. Apply to the pores and skin to appease irritations, rashes, and enhance the feel of the pores and skin.
  • To extend the standard of your hair, mix the leaves with coconut oil and apply it.
  • To strengthen hair roots, use a paste of curry leaves and lemon juice.

Medicinal Makes use of:

  • Curry leaves can deal with the next:
  • Untimely greying
  • Pimples and pimples
  • Gum strengthening
  • Tooth cleansing
  • Bites of toxic animals

Utilizing Curry Leaves with a twist

Using Curry Leaves with a twist

1. Curry Leaf Oil 

Curry leaf oil is utilized in cooking, in addition to in medication and cosmetics.

2. Medicinal Makes use of:

  • Antibiotic
  • Antiseptic
  • Anti-diabetic

Beauty Makes use of:

  • Hair oil – These Leaves are a wealthy supply of proteins, which might scale back hair loss and improve hair development
  • Soaps- They comprise antibacterial properties. Due to this fact, many natural soaps use these leaves as one of many key components
  • Deodorants– These leaves additionally comprise cooling brokers. So, throughout summer time utilizing deodorants containing this herb provide help to to really feel refreshed and aromatic
  • Lotions- As well as, curry leaves have potent antifungal, antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Therefore, these leaves are added to many face lotions and physique lotions

Recipes Utilizing Curry Leaves

Recipes Using Curry Leaves

1. Curry Leaf Juice Recipe

This juice is superb to spice up your immunity. Easy to make, this juice can enhance your well being considerably.


Curry leaves – 2/3 sprigs 

Lemon – 1 

Ginger – 1-inch 

Natural turmeric powder – ¼ tablespoon or 1 slice of contemporary turmeric

Gooseberries – 2

A pinch of black salt or Himalayan pink salt


  • Wash all of the components
  • Make a easy paste utilizing turmeric, ginger, gooseberries and curry leaves
  • To dilute, add extra water and filter it
  • Toss in few drops of lemon
  • Add salt and pepper for style

2. Curry Leaves Chutney Recipe

Curry leaves are extensively utilized in South India to make chutneys. This chutney recipe goes completely with idli, dosa, and even roti. Refrigerate this chutney to make use of for as much as 2 weeks.


Contemporary curry leaves -2 cups 

Chana dal – 3 tbsp

Methi seeds – 1 tsp

Black paper – 2 tsp

Cumin seeds – 1 tbsp

Tamarind pulp – 1 tbsp 

A pinch of salt

A pinch of Asafoetida (Hing)

Ghee or oil – 1 tbsp 


  • Warmth oil in a pan. As soon as scorching add Chana dal, Black pepper, Methi seeds, and cumin seeds
  • Roast for a minute or two and add curry leaves
  • Roast for a few minutes and add asafoetida
  • Take off the flame and permit it to chill down a bit
  • Add combination to a blender jar together with salt and tamarind pulp
  • Mix it to a easy paste and retailer it in an hermetic container


In India’s western, southern and central elements, nearly each different home has a curry leaf plant, but the herb is so underrated. These leaves are flavourful and extremely nutritious. They’ve loads of well being advantages as effectively. They could style bitter initially, however when you develop a style for them you’ll love them.

Add curry leaves to your meals for that further punch. They go completely effectively with Indian meals as tempering. You possibly can even strive them along with your snacks.

Subsequent time whereas making popcorn, add a number of of those leaves to your oil or ghee for a brand new and refreshing taste. When roasting greens, toss in a number of curry leaves. The contemporary fragrances of those fragrant leaves will make your jaw drop.



Continuously Requested Questions (FAQs)

Q. Is it true that curry leaves assist with eyesight?

A. Sure. They’re excessive in vitamin A, which is crucial for good eyesight. It additionally prevents the formation of cataracts within the eye.

Q. Is it okay to eat curry leaves daily?

A. Sure. Every single day one can have 10-15 leaves.

Q. Is rising curry leaf vegetation tough?

A. No. By no means. It could actually develop in any season, requires a medium pot, full daylight, and average watering. So, it’s a must-have in your kitchen backyard.

Q. How typically ought to we water the curry leaf plant?

A. One ought to water it as soon as per week in winters and wet days. When the soil dries out i.e. in summers it requires extra water. 2-3 days per week in summer time needs to be enough. Over-watering curry leaf vegetation could kill the vegetation quick so test the soil each time. Permit soil to dry out fully between watering.

Q. Is there a wide range of curry leaves?

A. There are three kinds of curry leaf bushes 1) The common kind grows quick and is tall. The leaves from this plant are generally offered in grocery shops. 2) The dwarf kind doesn’t develop as tall, nevertheless it does unfold out extra. It has gentle inexperienced leaves which can be longer than the common tree’s leaves. Some dwarf curry leaf vegetation, nevertheless, aren’t the perfect plant for culinary use as a result of they’ve leaves with a much less spectacular taste profile. 3) The gamthi/miniature plant kind grows thick leaves, nevertheless it grows very slowly. This selection has the strongest aroma and finest taste.

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