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By Dr. Kaiya Ansorge

What’s a koan?

A koan is a phrase or phrase that’s utilized in meditation to prepare the thoughts. Often, the koan is considerably puzzling with a purpose to invite the thoughts to open in uncommon methods. The truth is, the time period is usually translated as “riddle.”

Koan literature includes enigmatic sayings or questions that, when meditated upon repeatedly, are supposed to resolve in particular ways in which point out the trail of perception for the provoke. However, different traditions assert that koans aren’t meant to be resolved however are as a substitute methods to open us to a contemplative relationship with ephemera within the thoughts—slightly than rational, problem-solving approaches.

The historical past and growth of koan meditation is complicated and reaches again to historic China. Nonetheless, this type of meditation might be modified to assist these of us who aren’t planning to turn out to be Buddhist monks or students. We will use koans of their unique formulations, or we are able to develop kinds impressed by that observe however which are relevant and related to trendy life, corresponding to video meditations.

Why observe koan meditation?

The principle motive to observe koan meditation is as a result of all of us observe it day by day with out consciousness that we’re doing so. All of us have ideas—even when we expect in photographs. These ideas perform in a lot the identical means as a koan. Whether or not we consciously select our ideas or we unconsciously accomplish that, we’re in a continuing course of of coaching our minds. The tales and ideas that we inform ourselves are those that we more and more imagine. Koan meditation brings our consciousness to this course of and invitations us to discover additional. Koan meditation slowly teaches us how to decide on, query, and remodel our notion of the world. Nonetheless, this isn’t hypnosis: slightly than placing us to sleep, koan observe wakes us as much as a bigger, extra lovely actuality.

Some traditions assign a lifelong koan. The cognate of this for non-monastics is that every of us is “assigned” a selected dilemma or way of living at beginning or by means of early trauma/socialization. Most of us could have multiple koan that has arrived and located itself in our preconscious thoughts. These vary from “you aren’t ok,” “you’re an excessive amount of,” even “I hate you,” or “you shouldn’t have been born” all the best way to “freedom,” “love,” “pleasure,” or “you’re made of affection.” These voices inside our thoughts might be explored and dismantled if they’re detrimental after which changed by ones which are pure to the divine nature inside every of us. The degrading messages are at all times from an early harm. The messages that really feel liberating—or like a peaceable house—are those which are true to our nature.

How will you incorporate koan meditation into your observe?

Steps for koan meditation

1. Select the way you wish to observe. Would you love to do a seated, mendacity down, or strolling meditation? You might even select a non-traditionally Buddhist observe corresponding to swimming or writing meditation. Many Buddhists use koans as a continuing contemplation all through their common each day actions.

2. Select a koan. You might use a conventional koan corresponding to “What’s the sound of 1 hand clapping?” Or it’s possible you’ll wish to strive koans you uncover by way of a supply corresponding to Moti Media’s video sequence on koan meditation. Or it’s possible you’ll select a poem or a phrase that you simply wish to transfer out of your thoughts to your total being. Affirmations and prayers are potent with this observe.

Here’s a record of koan sources and concepts:

– Conventional sources are the “Blue Cliff Record” (Pi-yen lu) and “The Gateless Gate” (Wu-men kuan).

– Poems by Mary Oliver are particularly useful for many who observe in nature.

– Select prayers out of your spiritual background or, even higher, from one other faith with a purpose to broaden your consciousness and problem it in a means that mystify you and open you to new vistas.

– A brand new solution to interact koan meditation is thru brief exploratory videos corresponding to “What’s There?” “Pursuit of Heavens,” and “Cycle.”

3. Gently relaxation your thoughts in your chosen koan as you meditate.

4. While you discover your thoughts drifting from the koan, it’s possible you’ll comply with the ideas however with consciousness, or it’s possible you’ll return your ideas gently to the koan. I discover it useful to combine these two approaches: as my thoughts explores the trajectories of the koan I watch, but when I discover myself wandering off-topic or towards judgmental trajectories, I acknowledge the stray ideas, thank them, and return to the koan.

5. As you watch your ideas across the koan, enable your self to note these ideas whereas cultivating curiosity and releasing judgment. Rhythmic, mild respiration helps us transition our judgmental or anxious ideas right into a sample of calming embrace and launch.

6. As you shut your session, provide gratitude or like to the koan, to your thoughts, and at last to your physique for this session.

Life is manufactured from koans. These koans come to us within the type of private, interpersonal, and cultural tensions and puzzles. By studying how one can work with koans in meditation, we start to translate our strategy to the challenges of our personal lives by means of this lens. Koan observe additionally trains our minds to be versatile and inventive, thus imparting flexibility and creativity in the direction of our lives as challenges come up. One of these mindfulness-training delivers us into an sudden curiosity, freedom, and pleasure within the midst of life’s dilemmas and challenges: in different phrases, we turn out to be riddled with surprise.


Editor’s word: It is a visitor submit by Dr. Kaiya Ansorge. Kaiya is academically educated in psychology, philosophical theology, and faith. She teaches on the College of South Dakota. As a result of Kaiya likes to discover the spirituality of place, she has lived, studied, written, and traveled her means by means of 24 nations, unfold throughout 5 continents. Her earlier works embody The Nature of Miracle, The Relationship between the Phrase and the Factor, “How you can Use the 7 Chakras to Get in Contact with Private Vitality,” and “Ascension: a Completely different Sort of Gravity.” Kaiya has appeared in Theology At the moment, Healthinessart, Your Motivational Excessive 5, and on Sunny 93.3, South Dakota Public Radio, and KELO-TV. You could find her by means of her website or by means of Facebook.

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