Healthy Vegetarian Diet Plan of 1500 Calories

The professionals of consuming a nutritious diet can by no means be over-emphasized. It’s a no-brainer that to reside a wholesome life in the long term, it is advisable to have a well-balanced food plan plan included as a part of your life-style. This plan ought to offer you important vitamins that satiate you and stop weight acquire. 

It’s important to know what goes into our physique and what number of total energy we want. In any case, it’s comparatively simple to eat a great deal of energy in a single sitting with out even realizing it. 

If you’re questioning what energy imply, right here is our take. To exemplify, identical to any machine wants gasoline to operate, our physique too wants meals to operate. Subsequently, meals, be it stable or liquid, supplies us with energy. Energy, to place it merely, is a unit of vitality. It’s the quantity of vitality launched when your physique breaks meals down. 

Every meals will offer you a special variety of energy. And that being stated, every physique’s complete calorie consumption per day differs. As well as, calorie necessities are completely different for individuals with completely different weights, and varied life levels. 

We recommend you employ a instrument just like the HealthifyMe App to know your every day calorie requirement. Now, energy, in fact, come from each vegetarian and non-vegetarian sources. India is likely one of the international locations with probably the most intensive vegetarian inhabitants (near a whopping 33%). Subsequently, it turns into important to know how one can eat an sufficient vegetarian food plan that fulfils your physique’s dietary requirement and stays throughout the calorie vary. 

Do you are feeling it’s troublesome to eat energy and vitamins as a vegetarian to shed some pounds or handle your medical well being situation? Bingo! You’ve come to the precise place.

1500 Calorie Vegetarian Food plan Plan 

Let’s begin with understanding the fundamentals after which work our means into the 1500 calorie vegetarian diet plan. 

Morning Snack 

Are you at all times waking up early and searching ahead to your breakfast probably the most? Nicely, you’re not alone. 

Right here’s a tip. Begin consuming inside half-hour of waking up. Consuming an early breakfast helps you retain your vitality ranges excessive all through the day and saves you from intense complications and meals cravings. 

In the event you really feel hungry proper after waking up, you must begin consuming small and frequent meals. You have to to interrupt down your day’s meals to be smaller however have them extra steadily. Now, it’s possible you’ll have to eat mid-meal snacks whereas doing so. It’s subsequently perfect that you simply preserve your breakfast, lunch and dinner small and light-weight. This small change helps you keep away from overeating. 

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However, additionally it is effective for those who’d favor to stay to a few predominant meals and no snacks. You may proceed doing that. However, once more, study to take heed to your physique, and it’ll assist you select what’s appropriate for you. 

No matter what number of meals you eat in a day, give attention to together with a most variety of meals teams, particularly grains, legumes, lentils, greens, fruits, dairy, nuts and oilseeds. 

You can even have a cup of espresso/ tea throughout the day with ½ or one teaspoon of jaggery. 

Nonetheless, consuming something that comes out of a packet is a giant no-no. So, skip consuming biscuits, muffins, breakfast cereals, frequently.


Considering of consuming parathas, idli/ dosa or maybe sticking with sprouts and veggies just because they’re “wholesome”? 

We’d counsel going for a superb ol’ conventional breakfast menu. It might be idli, dosa, upma, poha or no matter you eat recurrently. 

Right here’s the catch, do bear in mind to incorporate sambhar, chutney or curd alongside together with your breakfast. You can even add the goodness of veggies into your poha or upma to make it heartier. If you’re consuming parathas, add in some greens like methi/spinach or stuff them with paneer or leftover dal. 

Coming to portion sizes, preserve dosas or parathas to 2 medium-sized parts. You may have about three idlis since they’re on the smaller aspect. Eat one bowl of sambhar/curd and preserve your chutneys to about 2-3 tbsp. 

Mid-Morning Snack 

You may go for a nutrient-dense snack resembling a glass of buttermilk, coconut water with malai or recent selfmade lemonade. As well as, incorporating a hydrating drink can be sure that to maintain you satiated. It makes a distinction when you’ve got not drunk sufficient water in between a busy workday schedule.  

Suppose you haven’t eaten a fruit after waking up; you possibly can have one entire medium-sized fruit like a banana, apple, pear or chikoo as your mid-morning snack. 

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We recommend you retain your lunch gentle sufficient to keep away from feeling torpid or sleepy the remainder of your day however heavy sufficient to not really feel hungry proper after an hour of getting lunch. 

Including a range to your lunch will assist you beat the afternoon slumber, particularly in case you are working. For instance, select both between roti or rice. By doing this, you possibly can keep away from overeating when you are working and consuming in distraction. 

Your lunch might be so simple as rice, dal and sabzi or rice, sambhar and poriyal. We emphasize these as it’s important to chop down on further energy. Dal, sambhar and greens make an ideal mixture as they preserve you satiated. You may substitute your rice with two rotis, and you may substitute dal with beans like choley, lobias, rajma or perhaps a cup of curd. You may prepare dinner veggies as per your desire. 

One other key’s to make use of an excellent supply of fats. Ghee is a good choice. You can even substitute your sambhar with a katori of curd. These good fat won’t solely improve the style of your meals and make you are feeling fuller, and assist in delaying gastric emptying. 

Night Snack 

Night snacks might be hassle-free with only one fruit and a few nuts. For instance, you possibly can have 8-10 items of almonds, pistachios or cashews. It’s perfect to not over snack and put together your physique for an early dinner.

In the event you eat a late and light-weight dinner, give attention to consuming a heavier and nutritionally dense snack within the night. This follow once more will preserve you from overeating throughout time for supper. 

You may have a boiled corn-cob, candy potato or selfmade puffed-rice chaat with added veggies resembling onions, tomatoes and carrots. Another choice is to have curd/yoghurt with dry fruits and nuts. Ensure to eat just one cup of both of those. 

You can even eat one portion of sandwiches made with multigrain bread and a few veggies. The portion needs to be small to maintain your vitality ranges up and assist you carry out the second half of the day with equal zeal. 


Dinner might be just like your lunch. In case you have dinner, say, an hour earlier than your bedtime, we recommend you eat solely half the portion of your lunch. 

However, when you’ve got a 2–3-hour hole between your dinner and bedtime, then go forward and revel in your meal with your loved ones. Don’t limit your portion sizes. Nonetheless, do preserve your night snacks on the lighter aspect on this case. 


You may drink a cup of turmeric-pepper milk at bedtime as per your desire. 


Consuming mindfully will at all times assist you in the long term. It would sound difficult to maintain monitor of your every day energy, however belief us, it’s fairly the other. Controlling the variety of energy you eat in a day isn’t any rocket science. And also you undoubtedly should not have to go to the extremes to remain match, shed some pounds or handle your well being situation. 

It’s vital to take heed to your physique indicators to handle your well being, whether or not consuming, understanding, or your sleep period. The emphasis right here is that there isn’t any thumb rule of how a lot and what frequencies you ought to be consuming. You don’t essentially should eat each two hours or go on a quick to shed some pounds. As an alternative, just a few tweaks into your common food plan may also help immensely. 

So, this was all concerning the 1500 calorie vegetarian food plan plan. We hope this gave you an thought of how one can plan your meal and higher geared up you with insights concerning the science behind good consuming and sustaining optimistic well being.

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