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Yogis have used the chanting of the divine sound of Om for 1000’s of years to induce meditation and create a non secular connection. Udgeeth pranayama is an historical respiratory method that makes use of the sound and vibration of the Om or Aum mantra as its focus. It’s also known as the chanting breath, and it’s thought of as one of many easiest pranayama respiratory workout routines. This fundamental but highly effective observe helps to clear your thoughts, take away unfavorable ideas, scale back stress, enhance sleep high quality, improve vitality ranges, decrease blood strain, and increase the immune system.

What’s udgeeth pranayama?

The phrase udgeeth means “deep and rhythmic chant” whereas pranayama means ‘respiratory workout routines’ or “mastery of breath and vitality.” Udgeeth pranayama is a respiratory train utilizing the rhythmic chanting of the Om mantra. It originates from the phrase “udgitha” which was described within the Chandogya Upanishad, one of many oldest yogic texts. This scripture defines udgitha because the chanting of the mantra Om. It describes the deep rhythmic chanting of the sound of Om mixed with the aware management of the breath as essentially the most highly effective approach to make use of the mantra.

Advantages of udgeeth pranayama

There are a number of bodily and non secular advantages of udgeeth pranayama. The observe of this pranayama helps strengthen focus and focus, particularly the place there are exterior noises to distract you. It additionally helps filter unfavorable ideas and feelings like guilt, worry, anger, and disappointment. A latest medical examine confirmed this respiratory observe can boost weight loss and strengthen the lungs by enhancing pulmonary operate. One other examine discovered chanting Om for 10 minutes improved attention, created a positive mood, and cultivated a sense of social cohesion. It additionally recognized to assist scale back stress, enhance respiratory, promote peaceable sleep and improve vitality ranges. Spiritually, udgeeth pranayama can deliver a few state of trance-like consciousness and create a way of unity between us and the universe.

Udgeeth pranayama directions

Listed below are the six steps concerned in chanting respiratory. You may observe this pranayama for 2-10 minutes, 1-2 instances per day.

  1. Sit in a secure and comfy place along with your backbone straight and lengthy. If seated on the ground, you should utilize a cushion or folded blanket below the again of the hips for assist. If seated on a chair, be sure each toes are flat on the ground.
  2. Shut your eyes or soften your gaze and begin to take deep breaths by means of your nostril. Permit your physique to calm down and produce your consciousness to your breath. Be certain there isn’t a pressure within the shoulders, neck or face.
  3. Give attention to utilizing diaphragmatic respiratory in order that solely the stomach rises and falls with the breath. Start to chant the mantra sound Om with every exhalation.
  4. Work on having the exhalations so long as doable with out pressure. Permit the breath to create the sound.
  5. As you chant Om concentrate on the vibration of the sound and the feeling of the breath. Experiment with having the sound loud sufficient to maintain your consideration centered on the observe.
  6. Repeat the chanting whereas conserving your breath gradual and your consideration centered. Finish the observe with a second of silence to combine your expertise.

Respiratory observe suggestions

  • Respiratory workout routines ought to at all times be performed carefully, and with out pressure. For those who really feel drained or dizzy, cease and relaxation.
  • When practising any sort of breathwork, it’s greatest to start out out small and progressively improve time spent practising every week.
  • It’s beneficial that you don’t pressure your self to breathe deeply for those who’re feeling anxious or confused. As an alternative, concentrate on enjoyable your thoughts and physique earlier than starting your session.
  • Deep respiratory methods will assist scale back stress ranges and anxiousness, however they received’t change remedy or remedy.
  • You probably have a medical situation, it’s best to seek the advice of your physician earlier than beginning any sort of yoga or respiratory train.

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