7 Healthier Alternatives to Salty Snacks

There’s lots of data on the market about meals cravings and what to do about them.

Cravings for salty snacks might be extremely complicated since people want sodium — simply not as a lot as we get each day (the RDA is 2300 mg for adults).

“Many individuals assume that the physique craves what it wants,” says Beachbody vitamin supervisor Krista Maguire, R.D., C.S.S.D.

“Nonetheless, more often than not, it’s only a particular craving for consolation meals, and that usually contains meals excessive in sugar or salt,” she explains.

The almost certainly culprits once you’re craving snack meals: stress and tedium.

However different components that don’t have anything to do with vitamins your physique wants also can trigger salt cravings.

A craving for salty snacks “could also be on account of hormone fluctuations,” explains Maguire, which you’ll expertise from stress, lack of sleep, or PMS.

As an alternative of pounding the pretzels, attempt these different methods.

Pretzels in white ramekin

1. Determine Out the Trigger

Probably the most direct strategy to sort out your cravings, particularly in the event that they happen recurrently, is to get to the foundation trigger.

“We regularly attempt to treatment issues with a band-aid answer after we needs to be digging deep to resolve the underlying situation,” says Maguire.

So take a few minutes to consider what’s occurring in your life.

You could want to hunt out methods to destress or entertain your self. You could even be low on sleep.

All of these items have options exterior of the pantry.

2. Attain for Water, then Reevaluate

Woman drinking from water bottle outside

“Dehydration often ends in an electrolyte stability,” explains Jim White, R.D., ACSM EX-P, proprietor of Jim White Health and Diet Studios in Virginia.

“The salt craving is the physique’s approach of telling you to drink extra water as a way to restore the fluid stability,” however we usually misread it.

It’s exhausting to distinguish between the 2 as a result of “they’re controlled by the same mechanisms within the mind,” says White.

So when salty cravings strike, attempt ingesting some water first (you most likely want it anyway) and see if the urge to nosh passes.

3. Search Out Low-Sodium Choices

Fresh Homemade Potato Chips

More healthy snack meals are extra extensively accessible now than ever — test some labels within the grocery retailer aisles to seek out them.

You could discover that decrease sodium snacks fulfill your cravings simply in addition to people who overload your day with salt.

“For those who can preserve snacks to beneath 200 mg of sodium, that may go away loads of room on your meals and never exceed your each day restrict,” says Maguire.

A serving of Skinny Pop popcorn cakesOff the Eaten Path veggie crisps, or Fitjoy tangy dijon mustard grain-free pretzels match the invoice.

Needless to say it’s not likely an issue to have one thing salty when a craving hits; it’s the truth that we have a tendency to not stick with a single serving.

Whether or not you’re having fun with a low-sodium snack or a standard salty deal with, conscious servings may help you meet your each day sodium objectives.

4. Taste Your Snacks with Spices

Salt can improve the flavour of meals — however spices do the identical factor with out sodium.

Maguire suggests utilizing recent or dried herbs and spices to infuse your snacks or meals with extra taste.

Watch out when choosing out spice blends, although, as these could have added salt.

5. Attempt Unsalted, Crunchy Snacks

Bowl of kale chips

Most salty cravings revolve round crunchy snacks, which begs the query: would you like salt or crunch?

You could be glad with an unsalted, crunchy snack — particularly when you’re stress-snacking and it helps launch some pressure.

White suggests veggies like child carrots or celery with hummus, unsalted nuts and seeds, or air-popped popcorn seasoned with herbs as crunchy options to attempt.

It’s also possible to attempt making our salt-free kale chips.

6. Break the Behavior

“In case you are used to consuming a high-sodium weight-reduction plan, your physique will naturally crave the upper sodium meals as a result of that’s what it’s used to getting,” White says.

Coping with some cravings now could result in fewer down the highway.

White suggests beginning by evaluating what number of packaged meals you’re consuming.

“The comfort of packaged snacks makes it straightforward for sodium consumption ranges to exceed daily recommendation and contribute to the cravings,” he explains.

7. Attain for a Balanced Snack or Meal

You might have cravings since you want meals (shocker, we all know).

As an alternative of grabbing a salty snack that’s main carbs, attempt a meal or snack that balances the entire macros to maintain you full for longer.

These no-bake peanut butter pretzel bites are candy and salty but in addition balanced to maintain your blood sugar regular and your starvation in test.

In search of extra knowledgeable vitamin data? Head over to and learn to eat wholesome for the long-term with the assistance of our two vitamin packages, 2B Mindset and Portion Fix.

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