7 Health Benefits of Fennel Seeds and How it Aids in Weight Loss:

India being one of many largest exporters of fennel seeds/saunf (as it’s popularly recognized), makes use of it voraciously as a result of all the advantages it gives. Folks from various cultures favor consuming fennel seeds owing to its numerous medicinal properties. As an example, Indian households usually eat fennel seeds after having their meal for more healthy and sooner digestion.
Fennel seeds are sometimes interlinked to ‘longevity’ and are recognized for providing a variety of dietary properties that assist in enhancing the effectively being of a human physique. Furthermore, fennel seeds provide a concentrated supply of various minerals which can be very important for the regulation of blood strain in addition to for the retention of water inside our physique. 

What are Fennel Seeds?

Fennel seeds have a crunchy texture on the surface with a mildly candy taste. Additionally it is broadly used as a mouth freshener. Fennel seeds carefully resemble anise seeds by way of look, and are extracted from fennel vegetation. They comprise a number of vitamins like Vitamin Okay, Vitamin E, manganese, copper, zinc, and phosphorus, and is an effective supply of Vitamin C. One serving of fennel seeds accommodates 1% of the RDI (Beneficial Dietary Consumption) for Vitamin C, which acts as a dynamic antioxidant on your physique, defending your pores and skin from any damages attributable to the solar, smoke, or air pollution.

Dietary Details of Fennel Seeds

Fennel seeds are often consumed within the amount of 1 tablespoon per serving, and the vitamin worth it gives will be discovered under:

Vitamins Dietary Worth (per tablespoon – 6g)
Energy 19.8
Fiber 2.3 grams
Carbohydrates 3 grams
Protein 0.9 grams
Fats 0.6 grams
Ldl cholesterol 0 grams

Let’s take an extra have a look at another particulars about fennel seeds, and perceive how the seeds may also help us in sustaining our weight loss plan and assembly the objectives we’ve set for ourselves. 

Advantages of fennel seeds

Fennel seeds comprise highly effective antioxidants and phytonutrients that makes them a extremely nutritious supply with many well being advantages, that are as follows:

1. Regulates blood strain

regulates blood pressure

The Journal of Meals Science revealed a research which confirmed that chewing fennel seeds helps in rising the extent of nitrite in saliva. Nitrite is a pure ingredient that retains a test on the blood strain ranges. Along with this, fennel seeds are additionally wealthy in potassium which helps in controlling the blood strain and coronary heart charge. 

2. Nice for pores and skin issues

fennel seeds cures acne

Common consumption of fennel seeds present minerals akin to selenium, calcium, and zinc. These minerals are essential for balancing hormones whereas sustaining the oxygen steadiness in your bloodstream. These minerals impart a cooling and soothing impact on the pores and skin, offering it with a wholesome glow. Fennel seeds additionally provide numerous ayurvedic properties that assist in treating different pores and skin illnesses like rashes and dryness. Making use of a paste of fennel seeds is extremely useful for the pores and skin because the aforementioned minerals are absorbed by the pores and skin, and retains it moist, clear, and wholesome.

3. Purifies Blood

The very important fiber and important oils in fennel seeds are thought-about extremely helpful for flushing out sludge and toxins from our our bodies, thereby, serving to in cleaning the blood which additional helps in optimum absorption of vitamins within the physique. The polyphenol antioxidants in fennel seeds even have anti-inflammatory properties that assist in combating numerous micro organism and viruses, retaining you protected from numerous ailments.

4. Helps in enhancing eyesight

Fennel seeds helps improve eyesight

Including a pair tablespoons of fennel seeds to your weight loss plan frequently may also help in enhancing your imaginative and prescient. They comprise a excessive quantity of vitamin A, an integral part for glorious imaginative and prescient. In historic instances, extracts from fennel seeds had been used for treating individuals who had been affected with glaucoma.

5. Reduces water retention and suppress urge for food

Consuming fennel tea frequently helps in flushing out extra fluids out of your physique. Fennel tea works like a diuretic. Furthermore, it additionally helps in decreasing the possibilities of urinary tract ailments and eradicating toxins from the kidney. It additionally contains diaphoretic properties that assist in stimulating perspiration.
Yet another benefit of ingesting fennel tea is that it helps in suppressing urge for food. Consuming one cup of fennel tea, releases important oils which helps in suppressing starvation.   Fennel tea is recommended by many dietitians earlier than meals to suppress the calorie consumption for weight reduction.

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6. Very important for Bloating, IBS, Indigestion, and Constipation

Fennel seeds can act as an important supply for curing constipation, bloating, and indigestion as they comprise important oils like anethole, fenchone, and estragole that contributes to the anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties. These parts assist considerably in breaking down the meals within the physique, and retains your digestive system functioning easily. Individuals who endure from IBS would extremely profit from the fennel seed extracts. The oils assist in kick-starting digestion by selling the working in addition to the manufacturing of gastric juices and enzymes, retaining your digestive tract wholesome.

7. Reduces danger of most cancers

The seeds comprise highly effective, free radical scavenging properties. As a result of presence of antioxidants, fennel seeds assist in neutralizing free radicals which can be liable for growing most cancers. Therefore, it helps in beating the oxidative stress together with defending the physique from totally different cancers of the breasts, abdomen, and pores and skin. It affords a chemo modulatory impact on the affected person. 

Fennel seeds and weight reduction

fennel seeds and weight loss

Fennel seeds are sometimes thought-about as a necessary meals merchandise to incorporate in diets for dropping pounds. Consuming it frequently together with an lively and wholesome life-style helps in shedding additional kilos. Weight reduction is simply one of many numerous benefits of including fennel seeds to your on a regular basis weight loss plan. These tiny seeds have a ton of highly effective vitamins that maintain a human physique wholesome. Listed here are some methods by which fennel helps in decreasing the few additional kilos in your physique.
Fennel seeds are very wealthy in dietary fibers, which decelerate the digestion course of. Which means after consuming one serving of fennel seeds, you received’t get hungry anytime quickly, which might keep away from  overeating. Moreover, with the presence of antioxidants, fennel seeds assist in enhancing the physique’s absorption energy for nutritional vitamins and minerals. One other benefit of the antioxidants is that they assist in breaking down the fat and carbs within the physique, serving to you in keep away from gaining additional kilos.
Fennel seeds even have diuretic properties which is able to allow you to in flushing out the toxins and different dangerous liquids out of your physique. A way more most well-liked various to fennel seeds tea is a fennel seeds drink known as the Variyali Sherbet. This tangy drink is a standard drink in India, and is often consumed within the summers to maintain the physique hydrated and funky. Not solely does Variyali Sherbet assist in weight reduction, but it surely additionally helps in detoxifying the physique, eliminating acidity and decreasing stress. This may be attributed to an countless checklist of antioxidants current in fennel seeds like zeaxanthin, lutein, beta-carotene, chlorine, manganese, zinc, selenium, phosphorus, and extra which can be recognized for safeguarding the physique towards oxidative stress and enhancing the metabolic charge of a human physique.

Right here’s the recipe to make one glass of Variyali Sherbet:

Elements required:

  • 1 cup of fennel seeds
  • 2 cups of water (500ml)
  • 1.5  cups of rock sugar
  • 5 soaked cardamom
  • Black salt
  • Ice cubes


  • Grind fennel seeds and cardamom right into a high-quality powder in a meals processor or mixer  grinder.
  • Now soak the fennel and cardamom powder for practically 8 hours in 2 cups of water. 
  • Subsequent, the rock sugar must be grinded right into a high-quality powder.
  • Pressure the soaked fennel and cardamom powder liquid right into a container
  • Add a pinch of black salt within the container
  • Add the powdered sugar and stir for 30 seconds
  • Serve in a glass with ice cubes

Dietary worth of a traditional glass (240 ml) of Variyali Sherbet:

Vitamins Dietary Worth
Carbohydrates 2.9g
Proteins 2.9g
Fibers 7.3g
Magnesium 15 mg
Vitamin B-6 0.041 mg
Iron 0.64 mg
Vitamin C 10.4 mg
Calcium 43 mg
Vitamin A 838 IU
Sodium 45 mg
Potassium 360 mg


In India, fennel seeds are fairly widespread amongst individuals because the seeds can miraculously deal with an countless checklist of digestive illnesses that embody colic in infants, intestinal gasoline, heartburn, and extra. You may even use the seeds as a mouth freshener after you might have a hearty meal. Therefore, we are able to see that fennel seeds provide a variety of advantages that makes it extremely popular amongst individuals.
So, the following time you’re pondering of incorporating a meals merchandise into your weight loss plan with a number of well being advantages, you need to think about fennel seeds as they would slot in completely along with your long run or quick time period well being objectives. 

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